Max Keeler - Agile DC Executive Summit

Max Keeler

Chief Projects Officer, The Motley Fool


Max is a nearly 20 year veteran of the Motley Fool, which is 6000 years in internet time (yes, he knows FoxPro).  He’s spent much of the past few years growing the business internationally and building out a supporting infrastructure.  Most recently he’s taken on the challenge of prioritization and project management for the company.  Having helped introduce a rigorous rollout of Scrum in 2007 – the culture and development methodologies have evolved significantly over the last 8 years into something vaguely identifiable as “Agile”.   Max somehow managed to earn his BS in Computer Science from UW-Madison and his MS in Psychology at American University.  He has some certifications, but he forgets what they are.

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  • 12-Sep-2018

Max Keeler, Chief Projects Officer, The Motley Fool