Karyn Hayes-Ryan - Agile DC Executive Summit

Karyn Hayes-Ryan

Component Acquisition Executive, NGA


Ms. Karyn Hayes-Ryan serves as NGA’s Component Acquisition Executive, and Director of Acquisition Services. She leads and manages the accession, training, education and career development of the Acquisition Workforce. Karyn advises and assists the NGA Director, Deputy Director and Portfolio Managers to ensure that all NSG and ASG acquisition activities support the GEOINT Mission. She is responsible for all acquisition functions within the Agency; monitoring the performance of NGA programs, managing the direction of acquisition policy, and maintaining an acquisition career
program. She provides strategic oversight for the overall NSG acquisition program, responsible for programmatic and technical oversight for all NSG and ASG systems and future procurements. She chairs the Allied Acquisition Forum with our five-eyes partners. Karyn leads NGAs Agency Agility Initiative, driving agile techniques and methods into acquisition, as well as across the agency. She also serves as NGAs senior champion for the NGA Systems Engineering Cohort Programs at George Washington University. To date, over 200 NGA and IC students have obtained Masters’ in SE from this program.

Previously, Karyn served as the Director IT Oversight, and as the Deputy Component Acquisition Executive for NGA. She was responsible for programmatic and technical oversight for all NGA systems and future procurements. Ms. Hayes-Ryan also served on the Board of Women in Technology (WiT), as the Federal Government Representative from 2009-2014. She served as Deputy PM for the NSG from January 2011-April 2012. There she was responsible for programmatic and technical oversight for all NGA systems and future procurements. She also served as the senior Acquisition Directorate representative to the Vision Integration Team.

Ms. Hayes-Ryan served as Director, Commercial Imagery, Data, and Programs Group (CIDAP) in Source from May 2009 – January 2011. There she was responsible for executing all contracts for acquiring commercial imagery, data, products, and services for NGA, including programmatic planning, governance, timeliness, dissemination, and integration of commercial imagery across NGA and the NSG.

Ms. Hayes-Ryan was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) from January 2008 to May 2009. She was responsible for all NRO acquisition and operational activities. In addition, Karyn was responsible for the mission partner collaboration with NGA as she was dual­hatted as the senior NGA leader at the NRO, and Director of the NROs NGA Support Team. From April 2007-January 2008, Karyn was the Deputy Director of the IMINT Directorate of the NRO from April 2007 to January 2008, and was responsible for defining and executing its strategic direction, managing day-to­day operations, and strengthening mission partner relationships.

Ms. Hayes-Ryan previously held the position of Deputy Director, NGA/ Acquisition Engineering Office, and the Enterprise Engineering Program Manager. In these roles, she was responsible for Agency-wide systems engineering and integration of NGA systems developed for and deployed to GEOINT. She also provided programmatic and technical oversight of the Enterprise Engineering contract that provides engineering, architecture and transformational leadership across NGA. She also served as the Equality Executive for the Acquisition Directorate, addressing Diversity and EEO initiatives from 2002-2007.

From April 2003 to February 2005, she was the Director of the Future Imagery Architecture Joint Management Office (FIA/JMO), NGA and NRO, delivering the end-to-end Future Imagery Architecture program plan, and conducting requirements trades and risk analysis. She managed implementation of the integrated end-to-end FIA program plan through full operational capability, including development and maintenance on the NRO and NGA Enterprise Program Baselines (EPB).

In 2000, Karyn was promoted to DISL and became the Director, FIA NSGI Office, NIMA/ Acquisition Engineering. There, she planned, organized, directed and implemented the FIA NSGI systems requirements, development, acquisition and sustainment. She also supported the formulation, establishment and analysis of Agency-level plans for management, policies and decision-making. Prior assignments include serving as an imagery analyst in NPIC for three years, a collection resource manager in Central Imagery Office and IC Staff for two years, and an engineer in the IMINT Directorate at the NRO for nine years.

Ms. Hayes-Ryan was born in Bristol, PA, and is married to Thomas A. Ryan, also at NGA. They have two sons, Benjamin and Sammy. She graduated from Penn State with Bachelor degrees in International Politics and Foreign Service. She received her MS in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering from George Washington University. She is Level Ill Certified in Program Management from both CIA and DAWIA, and is also DAWIA Level Ill in Systems Engineering and Information Technology. She is
a member of the DoD Acquisition Corps.

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Karyn Hayes-Ryan