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Dave Merkel


Dave Merkel has been involved in the information security field for nearly 20 years, first as a Federal agent pursuing cyber-criminals in the era of floppy disks and 2400 baud modems through his most recent experience as the Global Chief Technology Officer of FireEye, a leading cyber-security solutions provider.

While at FireEye Dave provided his insights and expertise in guiding the company’s product strategy, as well as evangelizing and educating practitioners, executives and boards of directors around the globe. He has experience working in a variety of international markets and understands the significant differences in approaches and attitudes towards cyber security in a wide variety of countries. In addition to his evangelism, Dave helped guide the formation of a broader FireEye product portfolio, working with the CEO to expand FireEye’s offerings from networks into both the endpoint and data analytics realms.

Prior to FireEye, Dave was the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Products at Mandiant. He founded the business line for Kevin Mandia in 2006 and oversaw its operation through Mandiant’s acquisition by FireEye in December of 2013. In that time he built and released Mandiant’s endpoint security platform and grew the business to $25M in annual software revenues. The platform also served as a basis for $75M in additional managed solution and services revenues at the time of Mandiant’s acquisition.

Before Dave’s 10 years as a solutions provider he spent another decade as a security practitioner, first as a Special Agent in the Air Force Office of Investigations, pursuing cyber criminals and conducting digital forensic investigations, and later as head of AOL’s Technical Security organization. While at AOL he created their first incident response capability, oversaw incident response operations through all of AOL and Time Warner, managed software security and policy programs, and built technologies for AOL’s security infrastructure that could not be procured on the market due to unique scale and scope requirements.

Dave is currently on hiatus, living in Herndon, VA with his wife and two children.

Dave serves as the First Lady of the Town of Herndon…his wife is in her second term as Mayor of the town. In his free time he enjoys soccer, fishing, anything involving a keyboard and mouse or video game controller, and good beer.

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