In the Bimodal Race, Agile Wins - Agile DC Executive Summit

In the Bimodal Race, Agile Wins

Scaling Agile in a bimodal world. Bimodal IT is a concept Gartner introduced a few years ago, whereby Waterfall and Agile teams coexist in an Agile organization. But this is a scary thought for some who fear that it could take the steam out of Agile transformations that are underway. Bimodal presents an alternative for companies who want to become Agile but aren’t ready yet. Bimodal can be viewed as an opportunity to break down some barriers to Agile transformation, giving executives and the business side some safety, which can help them transform faster. If it’s clear to the company how each side is doing, “Agile will win the day faster than if we treat those two roles as silos.”