Agile Change Management or - How to train your dinosaur. - Agile DC Executive Summit

Agile Change Management or – How to train your dinosaur.

Agile is all about change. Rapid change. But what happens if your customers don’t want change? What if they fear it will stop them doing their jobs? What if they are swamped by change – “and now you want to give us new software every month!”.


The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health is undergoing fundamental change in the way it operates. From changes in our research priorities driven by a major outreach to the public and researchers, to new rules and regulations, to a move of many staff to a new facility in which new government requirements mean there will be significantly less space per person leading to smaller offices.  Into that context we have brought yet another layer of change: Agile development.  This talk will look at the challenges we’ve faced as we have progressed our Agile transition and the lessons we have learned that have led us to introduce a comprehensive communications and change management program so that all the change can be seen as a cohesive plan to improve our ability to meet our important mission – Finding cures for heart, lung and blood – diseases that kill more Americans than all cancers and infectious diseases combined.