Agile DC Executive Summit
Embracing Leadership Reality
September 12
Fairfax Old Town Hall
Fairfax, VA

Executives, industry leaders and a powerful discussion about driving enterprise-wide innovation.


Join us for the Agile DC Executive Summit 2018: Embracing Leadership Reality.

The Agile DC Executive Summit is September 12, 2018 at Fairfax Old Town Hall, Fairfax, VA.

This leadership summit brings together management and executives to explore Agile and modern project management. Expect C-suite speakers with phenomenal sessions covering firsthand stories of Agile leadership.

Embracing Leadership Reality


In our age of hyper-turbulence and competition, the need for business agility led by transformational leaders is at an all-time high.  Transformational leaders are able to take vision, purpose and mission and craft it to the realities that their organizations face.

In the Agile community, there is a disconnect.  While Agile takes a people-first approach, the reality is that in running a business or developing a product, there is a business motivation as much as there are people and organizational motivations. Transformational leadership is about embracing the focus on business value, supporting the vision through dynamic and enabling structures, and bringing the people along.

Here’s an example of a reality: Take the role of the ScrumMaster. ScrumMasters typically do not have authority to hire or terminate employment.  Looking at Scrum roles – who does have this authority? How do they do it? It is not enough to say “We’re doing Scrum.”  Who is going to hire and nurture employees, and who is going to terminate employment if things do not work out?  Embracing realities like this and doing it in a way that is consistent with Agile methods is the next frontier of agile leadership.

Join dynamic speakers Sept 12 to learn how they have embraced leadership reality while also growing and sustaining agility.


The Agile DC Executive Summit is crafted for senior managers and executives.
Recruiters and non-sponsor vendors of Agile tools and services will not be permitted to attend the Executive Summit.


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Chief Projects Officer, The Motley Fool

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Michael Garcia
VP Command Center, Capital One

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Mary Moore
Mary Moore
Strategic Marketing Director, SAE International

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Renata Lerch
VP of Global Marketing & Communications, Acting Team CEO, Scrum Alliance

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Arlen Bankston
Managing Partner, LitheSpeed


Agile DC Executive Summit


Arlen Bankston
Managing Partner, LitheSpeed